Friday, November 12, 2010

bad firearm handling

Kennedy addresses a crowd in Logan County, West Virginia, as a young boy absently plays with a toy gun nearby.
Photo: Hank Walker/TIME & LIFE Pictures

Today that boy on the right would already have been tazered, driven to the ground, and disappeared into an enemy combatant prison and never seen again....but for his own good.

Where is the hatred?

I realized that the phrase "ground zero mosque" had faded from the news and I wanted to see if I was right. Well Google trends came to my rescue.

Just right before the election the term faded big time, but why? I decided to check it against another term and damned if it doesn't seem humurous.

The right driven, anti-mosque movement in the press and online faded the same time that the idea that a republican landslide came into view.

People wonder why I view politicians like vermin. They created so much anger and hatred and then when they rode that hate fileld horse to victory that walked away from it.


To damn lazy

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