Friday, November 12, 2010

bad firearm handling

Kennedy addresses a crowd in Logan County, West Virginia, as a young boy absently plays with a toy gun nearby.
Photo: Hank Walker/TIME & LIFE Pictures

Today that boy on the right would already have been tazered, driven to the ground, and disappeared into an enemy combatant prison and never seen again....but for his own good.

Where is the hatred?

I realized that the phrase "ground zero mosque" had faded from the news and I wanted to see if I was right. Well Google trends came to my rescue.

Just right before the election the term faded big time, but why? I decided to check it against another term and damned if it doesn't seem humurous.

The right driven, anti-mosque movement in the press and online faded the same time that the idea that a republican landslide came into view.

People wonder why I view politicians like vermin. They created so much anger and hatred and then when they rode that hate fileld horse to victory that walked away from it.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Well what direction is it?

The Mexican gov is saying that their 'gun troubles' are all are fault due to the guns heading our agents are saying they have troubles with guns going north.
“Every night we’re getting beaten like a pinata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers," a second federal agent told Fox News by e-mail. "The danger is out there, with all the weapons being found coming northbound
“We are unable to work any traffic, because they have us forward deployed," the agent said. "We are unable to work the traffic coming out of the mountains. That traffic usually carries weapons and dope, too, again always using stolen vehicles.”
…. someone needs to know about this!”
They really need to work to get their stories straight.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mini-cannon love

So wicked...while he did put his finger ovr the end of a loaded 'cannon' I thought the fact that it even had degrees marked on the side to assist in aiming was 'da bomb'.

link to the video on YouTube as it is being cut off on the blog.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm glad he took the high road

Back in March I noted an advert for a political campaign that did not set well with me. Not due too anti-patriotism or his political views, but because it seemed to be pandering.
It does though seem to be pandering to the political 'war patriotism' that is surging and using it for your own advantage.

One commenter stated
ParatrooperJJ said...
Most likely a election law violation as well as potentially a criminal violation.
I was not sure as I did not see any insignia on it and figured the dude might be skirting the law that way. In life if you make a law people will find ways around it. Well guess what? He did not skirt the issue enough and now it is being reported that the military has gotten involved.
Congressional candidate Vaughn Ward has violated a Pentagon directive prohibiting the impression that his campaign is supported by the military, according to the Marine Corps.
Ward and state Rep. Raul Labrador are the top candidates in the May 25 Republican primary. The winner will challenge Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick in November.

The Marine Corps wrote Ward earlier this month saying his online ad on the Drudge Report website on March 31 and April 1 violated the directive. The ad showed Ward in camouflage and body armor and said, "With Your Help I Will Vote To Repeal ObamaCare!"
But the ad failed to provide the"prominent and clearly displayed disclaimer that neither the military information nor photographs imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or their particular Military Department."

The ad had no disclaimer of any kind.

"Maj. Ward was asked in writing to remove this ad because it did not comply with the (Department of Defense) Directive," Capt. Brian Block, a spokesman at Marine Headquarters at the Pentagon, said in an e-mail.

Ward took responsibility for the mistake in an interview Wednesday and promised not to repeat it.

"It's my fault. I saw the ad," Ward said. "I should have made the correction."
I'm glad he manned up, took responsibility and corrected it. I had deleted his name in the image I used because I just wanted to comment on the pandering aspect of it all and had no grief against him as an individual, but I will say that he has earned some respect from me. It would have been so easy for him to say that this was an 'attack' by the Obama administration against his campaign but instead he took the high road. That is something that in these days of juvenile politics is praise worthy people.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So much win, so much fail

Arizona is on the verge of joining Alaska and Vermont as the only states allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons without a permit with few exceptions. This is a good trend and while the democratic controlled government in Tennessee will never go for it, the idea of it here thrills me.

Now there are some sensible arguments for training by some in Arizona.
Firearms instructor Dave Gushert said that training was important, and that the new bill might be a problem. In addition to safety, he said people carrying firearms should also know the laws about when it is legal to use a gun for self defense.

"Everybody thinks Arizona is the wild west and that you can just draw from the hip and go, and this is going to get a lot of people hurt or in trouble," Gushert said.
I agree and the old saying "ignorance of the law is no excuse" really does apply here, and since this likely would be a life and death situation training is paramount. I think if you feel you want to carry you would be dumb not to know the ins-and-outs of what is proper LEGAL use of a handgun for self defense.

The other main issue is the idiots. Like this guy in Arizona...poster boy for the Brady Group.
During the investigation, witnesses told officers 30-year-old David Walter, of Surprise, entered the store with a semi-automatic pistol in a holster. He would reportedly holster the gun and un-holster it as he walked through the store. Witnesses say the suspect ‘continually messed with’ and was manipulating the gun.

Walter was standing at the electronics counter talking to the clerk when he reportedly pulled the gun out of the holster, removed the magazine and put it back in. The clerk got scared and said she was afraid he was going to rob her and notified the store manager.

Walter again allegedly approached a checkout lane and stood near several customers and workers as he pulled the gun from his holster. As he pulled the gun out it magazine dislodged and fell to the floor.

Walter re-inserted the magazine into the pistol and manipulated it as if loading it when the gun discharged.
Luckily only some ceiling tiles died in his idiot usage, but what the hell ... "magazine dislodged and fell to the floor" and even with that info they did not take the time to tell what type of handgun has the ultimate in self-dropping magazines.

These are the people that leave me with a small fractional desire to have carry permits required. Then reality, the ideas of individual rights, and etc. kick in and I fall fully back into the Vermont carry camp...but those ideas caused a terrifying 2-3 seconds.

Good luck Arizona...can Tennessee borrow you Governer?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Okay. This might bother some but here goes. Being a member of, or a past member of does not mean you are better or worse to serve as a representative in a political office. It does though seem to be pandering to the political 'war patriotism' that is surging and using it for your own advantage. Putting yourself in uniform for images like these turn me off as it seems you're using the uniform to get votes and not your position on subjects.

I had no trouble with Kerry or McCain talking about their service because they did not dress up in uniform when they did it in a self serving manner. Please to all future politicians. QUIT!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Buy a truckload of guns - keep the truck!

Oh if I had the money. What an idea.
Geneseo, IL - ( Here’s a new one. Mark Westrom just came into the office and said we’re having a truckload sale.

He says if anyone buys a truckload of ArmaLite firearms and products, you get to keep the truck.

The trucks… and we have a parking lot full of them here in Geneseo… are military 35A2’s, commonly known as a “deuce and a half.”
No details, but DAMN!

Friday, March 19, 2010

After the damn fact

On Reddit a man in Chile makes the statement of the year when asked about Looters and gangs after the earthquake.
The looters progressed from grocery chain stores to department stores to smaller neighborhood stores (ones with 5-10 employees). And then all that was left was houses and department buildings. That was when the terror set in.

Grocery and department stores have insurance, and I guarantee they will make a profit from this by falsifying their claims. Small businesses are screwed, but at least by abandoning them the owners and their familys are safe. But when it's homes that are in danger, well, that's your zombie apocalypse right there.

My neighbors and I were all without firearms. That is something I regret. My opinion of those things has changed overnight, believe me. Fortunately, a nearby department building was full of army families and they would start shooting at anyone moving in the street during curfew (18:00 to 12:00 for the first days of curfew). Maybe they were shooting in the air, but the people roving in the street always changed direction after that, so it was enough.
Changing your mind after the disaster does little good. Maybe you can start your own little Chilean Gun Rights organization down there.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bad guy quote: "You are too old to be alive anyway"

"If I go naturally or to a sickness or something, fine. I'm ready to go, but I'm not ready to let some idiot like that take me out."
Of course what the handgun was did not get mentioned, but I'm glad she is okay and the scum is in jail. This is why I support full gun control....she had control of the gun, controled the outcome, and that's the way it should style of gun control.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Some days I just smile a lot

This article put a smile on my face.
The Colorado State University Board of Governors voted unanimously Tuesday to place students at both of its campuses in harm’s way with a sweeping weapons ban...

Larimer County Sheriff James Alderden, outraged by the ban, told The Gazette’s opinion department he will undermine it in the interest of student safety.


“I have told the CSU police chief I will not support this in any way,” Sheriff Alderden told The Gazette. “If anyone with one of my permits gets arrested for concealed carry at CSU, I will refuse to book that person into my jail. Furthermore, I will show up at court and testify on that person’s behalf, and I will do whatever I can to discourage a conviction. I will not be a party to this very poor decision.”
I will admit not to be totally happy with the idea thou. I feel if you control a property then you make the rules there, and those who enter have the right to stay or leave....but a school of higher education is not exactly a fast food joint you can skip in life and find another real quick. That's why I am all for this Sheriffs comments.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Smash and grab

Looks like at least one AR rifle was in the take on this gun store smash and grab...but remember. Gun laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gun Porn 2

My Uncle sent me some nice images of another rifle he has and I thought I would share them with you and just a little history. The rifle is a Stevens single shot .25Stevens rimfire long. As the images show it is a lovely example of a breach loading firearm that seems to be attempting the cross the line between rifle and handgun.

The stevens comapny was founded right near the end of the civil war.
J. Stevens Arms Company was founded in 1864 at Chicopee Falls, MA as J. Stevens & Co. In 1886 the name was changed to J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. In 1916, the plant became New England Westinghouse, and tooled up for Mosin-Nagant Rifles. In 1920, the plant was sold to the Savage Arms Corp. and manufactured guns were marked "J. Stevens Arms Co." This designation was dropped in the late 1940s, and only the name "Stevens" has been used up to 1990. Beginning in 1999, Savage Arms, Inc. began manufacturing/importing Stevens trademarked guns again, including rifles and shotguns.
The catirdge offers no great advantage over the .22lr, but it was one of many new rounds coming into a growing new market after the civil war.

The term "pocket rifle" is normally used for this style of firearm but some also call it a "bicycle rifle". This advertising found online does use that term. Others also produced pocket rifles during the same period.

One thing is obvious is that it is a lovely little package of a firearm. Models came chambered in .22, .25. .32rim, .38, and .44rim

From Firearms in American History, Volume 3 By Charles Winthrop Sawyer we have this plate and information on 4 different pocket rifle modes.

No. 1, "Hunters' Pet." With 24-inch barrel this rifle weighed about 6 pounds. The ammunition was .32, .38, and .44 rim and center fire. The price, which was rather high for the time, ran from $18.00 for the one with 18-inch barrel to $21.00 for the one with 24-inch barrel; this indicates that the Hunters' Pet was intended to be accurate and serviceable. The breech of the barrel when released by pressure upon a stud in the right side of the frame tipped up to extract and be loaded. As the catch spring soon lost a portion of its strength, and as the axis screw of the barrel and the sides of the frame adjacent to it soon permitted growing looseness, the barrel after a very little use was wobbly in the frame. However, as the rear sight was fixed on the barrel, and as the barrel was heavy, accurate shooting still was possible; and the ease with which the arm could be taken apart for packing in a small space and the extreme simplicity of the make-up induced users of this type of arm to overlook its shortcomings. The weight, however, was another matter; and on account of continual criticism the Hunters' Pet was soon succeeded by lighter and also less expensive issues of the same general design. It disappeared from the market about 1888.

No. 2, "New Model Pocket Rifle" The stud for releasing the barrel catch was transferred to the left side of the frame so as to be used by the thumb. The whole arm was a diminutive, its weight with 10-inch barrel being only 2 pounds. The ammunition was .22 and .32 rim fire.

No. 3, "Reliable Pocket Rifle." This was the Diamond Model pistol with long barrel and adjustable skeleton stock.

No. 4, New Model Pocket or Bicycle Rifle. This variant of the "Hunters' Pet" weighed but 2f pounds with 18-inch barrel and used .22, .25, and .32 rim fire cartridges.

But the best way to give you an idea of the usages of a Stevens Pocket Rifle are in the words of the people who used them.

Camps and tramps in the Adirondacks, and grayling fishing in northern Michigan
published 1882

The birds themselves, of a bluish gray color, with their small, slim bodies and long, thin necks and legs, looked like the dead limbs of the nests and the surrounding trees that they sat on, (a fact freely offered to Darwin); and they had a way of standing up in their nests, like sentinels, and, when shot at, slowly sinking down until they were invisible. A lucky shot with a " Stevens' Pocket Rifle "—a wonderful little weapon with ten-inch barrel, and of twenty-two calibre—at a distance of fifteen or eighteen rods, brought one of these birds from its perch near its nest, a hundred feet from the ground, to the water in which the tree was standing. It came down with a tremendous thump and splash, dead. It measured, from....

Outing: sport, adventure, travel, fiction, Volume 26
published 1895

To shoot frogs requires even more skill than to spear them. For shooting, most hunters prefer a small, accurate weapon, such as the Stevens pocket rifle, which costs a trifling sum. You will remember that your rifle may be sighted for a longer range than is common in frog hunting. If your gun issighted in this way and you aim your gun at the middle of a frog's body, you will hit some little distance above the frog. You should take aim an inch below the frog at a distance of ten feet.

Hunting the great West: (Rustlings in the Rockies).
published 1888

I took my little Stevens pocket rifle (which I always cairy with me when fishing), Leroy took the oars, and we pulled out toward the loon. When we got within about fifty yards of him, he dove. We pulled in the direction he took, and when he rose I fired at him. He went down again, and when he reappeared I shot at him again; the bullets in each case cutting very close to his neck. The third time he came up he was not more than forty yards from us. I drew another Dead on him, and by a lucky shot killed him—the bullet passing through his neck about an inch below the occipital joint. We returned to camp with our prize, and received the hearty congratulations of our friends on our success. The bird was one of the finest specimens I have ever seen, the plumage being unusually full and beautiful. I brought the skin home, and have had it mounted.
I think just showing images without history is meaningless.

Here are links to the relavent pages in the Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalogue and Buyers' Guide 1895 and the 1897 Sears Roebuck & Co. Catalogue showing Stevens pocket Rifle prices.

Here is a story that would make any gun grabber cry. A small bit about a book being published in in Boston in 1882 and a short bit on the subject.
Trowbridge, J. T. The pocket rifle. Bost.,

Lee & Shepard, 1882 [1881]. 274 p. il. S.
(Silver medal stories.) cl., $1.25.
A tale, written especially for boys, though boys and girls may alike enjoy it; the pocket rifle is a prize offered in a country school for the best speller ; the competition is narrowed to the two cleverest boys in the school, who have been great friends, but who, through the rivalry and jealousies of the contest for the rifle, become estranged ; its moral is obvious and one that all young people may reflect upon. Trowbridge, J: Townsend. The emigrant's story, and
other poems. New ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co.,
1881. 6+174 p., 12°. Cl., $1.35.
what school today would offer a rifle to the best speller and not be closed down?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gun Porn 1

This is a Hopkins & Allen revolver in .38 S&W short with a folding hammer from my uncles a little information.

Hopkins & Allen
Incorporated on June 15, 1868 by Charles A. Converse, Charles W. Allen, Horace Briggs, Samuel S. Hopkins and Charles W. Hopkins. It is of interest that all except of Charles W. Allen were already co-partners in Bacon Manufacturing Co. and Continental Arms Co. Both companies ceased all activities about the time when Hopkins & Allen was founded. In some way Hopkins & Allen Manufacturing Company (Hopkins & Allen) could be their successor.

The company was managed by the brothers Charles W. Hopkins, Henry H. Hopkins and Samuel S. Hopkins.

See Bacon Manufacturing Co. and Merwin Hulbert & Co. which company became sole distributor of Hopkins & Allen in 1871. In 1874 Converse sold his parts (1/2 of the company's capital) to Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Hopkins & Allen became a cash cow for Merwin, Hulbert & Co. When Merwin, Hulber & Co respectively Hulbert Bothers went bankrupt, Hopkins & Allen itself went bankrupt two years later in 1898. The company was reorganized as Hopkins & Allen Arms Company.

As of 1875 H&A made several lines of revolvers exclusively for Merwin, Hulbert & Co. e.g. the XL series however, with a double action feature and with a trigger guard. See Merwin, Hulbert & Co.

H & A was taken over by Marlin-Rockwell in 1914
While I'm not sure which specific model this is, but it is a 5 shot.

Now the .38 S&W is a fore bearer to the more modern .38 special, thats the full sized round that I teethed on when I started to shoot my first non-.22lr revolvers.
The .38 S&W(wiki image) is a revolver cartridge developed by Smith & Wesson in 1877. Though similar in name, it is not interchangeable with the later .38 Smith and Wesson Special due to a different case shape and slightly larger bullet diameter.

The British military adopted a loading of this cartridge as the .38-200, with the "200" referring to the weight of the bullet in grains.
I'll admit I have always liked the break top revolvers so several of the images my uncle sent me are pretty cool in my book. The image of Michael Caine fumbling due to nerves as he attempted to reload his break top revolver in the movie Zulu is one of the images for this fine mechanism that comes to mind when I see a break top model.

Here is the revolver open, one with the hammer open and one with the hammer closed to show the difference between the two.

More gun porn to follow in a few days.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gun Porn

My uncle sent me some pictures of his handgun collection and I thought I would share them over the next few days. here is a teaser image.

Top 12:00 position - go clockwise
Hopkins & Allen .38 S&W short

Hopkins & Allen Blue Jacket No.1 .22 Short

Harrington & Richardson Hammerless .32 S&W short

Harrington & Richardson .32 S&W long

Thames Arms .38 S&W short

Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works .32 S&W short

Hopkins & Allen XL No.4 .38 Rimfire

To damn lazy

I'm a solid firearms enthusiast. I can't afford to be a proper gun nut, but I can hope. The news is filled with a solid effort to ...