Sunday, December 06, 2009

A new rule?

a women shoots a guy breaking into her house....and a new rule comes to mind.
Guess you shouldn't bring patio furniture to a gunfight.

In the full 30 minute 911 recording it is frightening how long it took county deputies to get to the house as she waited in terror.

One person on this article said with a whimper in there voice.
Ok, what did he do? He was freaking out because a wreck had just happened and was trying to save the lady's life who is passed out at the accident!! Desperate times calls for desperate measures. If he was armed he would have shot through the window not threw a chair. She should have just wounded his leg, due to that. I understand she was most definately terrified, but she shouldn't have taken his life. What if this was your brother or your father trying to save your mother or YOUR family member's life? How would you feel then?
He was drunk and high and all he had done was drive his truck into a small one was hurt, but his 50 year old sister was stoned and drunk still in the truck when found. Yep. a poor innocent victim of gun violence.

To damn lazy

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