Friday, August 14, 2009

Good placement

3 shots and 4 hits. he he.
After the men entered the store, they announced a robbery, and one, armed with a semiautomatic handgun, pistol-whipped an employee, police said.

From about 20 feet away, Augusto raised the shotgun and fired three blasts, hitting all four men, police said.
2 dead and 2 wounded....I wept...Wait! I laughed. Sorry. I get those words inverted.

Of course the article had to bring in the government to piss me off.
New York City police said they were investigating whether Augusto had a permit for the shotgun. The New York Times, quoting a law enforcement official, said on its Web site the district attorney was considering a possible misdemeanor weapons charge against Augusto, which would indicate he did not have a permit.
He just stopped a crime, and a crap load of future crimes in a obviously legal shooting and they hassle him over a damn permit. People wonder why I'm a libertarian.. It's crap like this that does it.

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