Friday, March 14, 2008

Should I feel guilty?

I feel horrible for the governor's wife and family. The shock of finding out their knight in shining armor was porking a $4000 Hooker probably did not go over well for their family dynamics.

The problem is that I find myself enjoying this in a voyeuristic manner. The car crash nature of it makes me go back time and time again top see the wreckage of the New York Governor's carreer and office.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two very rare words

I received the Tapco furniture I plan on adding to my Chinese queen and I read on the back of the packaging two words that are not seen that often in today's world.
Lifetime Guarantee

while some people don't like Tapco, and I do understand why, the fact that those words are on their packages impress the hell out of me and makes me recommend them for people starting to customize their firearms on a budget.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gone a shopping

Decided to invest in my MAK-90 and purchase some new furniture for it.

I started with a AK-47 Saw Pistol Grip and then a AK-47 Galil Style Handguard and rounded off the whole kit with a AK-47 Black Folding Stock. While I know this stuff is Tapco and looked down upon by purists out there, it is what I can afford, and the same Tapco style gear adorns my brothers MAADI and it works fine for him.

The only real problems I may have is that the old stock was a thumbhole stock and the main screw through the 'pistol grip' section was long and I now need a small one. My brother will cut and tap it to the correct length if need be. Better then purchasing screws when you can make one.

I'll post pictures in the near future of the dressed up queen.

My dear wife wants to invest a little money in her own rifle that shoots the 7.62 X 39, and she would like it scoped. I'm looking at some pawn shops for one. Likely will purchase her a bolt action if I can find one.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Life in general

It's half way through the semester and I feel daily kicked in the nads. My mental skills are weak and my ability to handle stress is nothing close to the time I went back in the mumble mumble but I keep marching forward.

Life is good. I still write for the local newspaper and the one year mark has been hit. Good God what were they thinking hiring me. I now know the mayor and a good number of people on the town council do not like me, but the reader feedback is highly positive and I have no worries about my columns future. Our paper also is one year old and our numbers are simply great. 80% plus readership once a month and over 70% readership on a weekly basis for the whole town. Other papers would kill for numbers like that.

I have almost totally quit reading blogs outside of Say Uncle and our sister city's local blog. I just don't have time with everything as it is and I miss the luxery of the time I enjoyed on blogs. I'm not taking classes this summer so blogging will increase then, and I hope my old regular readers, both of you, will start dropping by then.

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