Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wrong question

In the wake of the slaughter of the unarmed in Virginia the following question has been asked by some.
Do Americans have right to own a gun?
I think that is the wrong question. The content and the context of the questions is getting confused.

The content is a gun. It's an inanimate object with no powers or rights outside of its existence. Focusing on it sometimes make the big picture get missed.

The context of the issue is all encompassing. The context is "do we have the right to defend ourselves?".

Now here is where the problem is. I don't have the claws of a dog/cat, or the fangs of a lion, the shell of a turtle, the speed of a gazelle, or even the poison of a snake.

Since I do not have these, I have to make a weapon. Knives are good...if you want the 'bad guy' to get close enough to you to use. Mace and tazers are ok enough, but I wouldn't trust them. etc. etc.

For me it comes down to this. Since the gov cannot promise that there will be a cop around me 24 hours a day to protect myself, then I need a firearm.....Like those poor kids in Virginia who were not allowed to carry on campus.

The sin of the shooting is equally laid at the feet of the shooter, and the politicians who kept the firearms away.

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