Monday, April 30, 2007

such a simple statement

A town wants to sell a machine gun that was supposedly captured by alvin York. Of course the gov steps in.
A small Massachusetts town wants to auction a rare German machine gun believed to have been captured by legendary Army Sgt. Alvin C. York during World War I, hoping to use the money to fund its public library improvements, but the federal government says the unregistered automatic weapon can’t be sold.
I like how the weapon ended up here.
Many of the stunned Germans were ordered to stack their weapons near the adjutant’s headquarters. According to the family, Lewis plucked the deadly Maxim machine gun and a Mauser rifle from the pile and shipped them home as war souvenirs.
Shipped home to cause trouble and perform violent acts. Isn't that what unregulated weapons do?

Damned gov. Damned regulations, Damned laws. DAMN DAMN DAMN

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