Monday, April 09, 2007

Papers please!

This sign was seen in California.

The person who saw this called the police and got the expected run around.
I called the 650-321-1112 number and was routed to a lady in police admin at 650-853-3160. I could not get the lady's name but she told me that the program was designed to get the public to report young men who were seen with guns in the street.

When I asked her what happened with these reports she said that these were only considered “incidents" until an officer checked them out.

When I asked her what she meant by checking them out, she said they would dispatch an officer to the address and see if the person had the “proper paperwork" for the weapon. If not, they would confiscate the gun and hold it pending further investigation. At this point a true report would be filed.

When I asked her to define "proper paperwork”, the process for getting a gun back, etc. she got very evasive and said I had to talk to a sergeant. I was then left on terminal hold. I called back twice with the same result.
Thanks to the Golden State 2nd Amendment Council for the heads up.

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