Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Common sense isn't common...today

I've been reading some small stories of WW2 on a BBC site. One story had a few lines that struck me as so true. The story is about the batteries that the family used to power their radio.
I would exchange the used battery for the recharged one and pay my threepence, then return home, gaily swinging the battery alongside my bare, short-trousered knees. Most weeks I would make the journey down Glebe Road with the old sulphuric acid filled battery and return with a charged up one. I can’t remember having any accidents, but there must have been a real danger of acid burns. In those days the Health and Safety agency was unheard of and its nannying would have been derided. Care and common sense were enough and not legislateable.
The modern view today is that common sense CAN be legislated...thus our nanny state.

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