Monday, April 02, 2007

A bit of reality hit me today

It's been five weeks writing for the Smyrna A.M. and I am greatly enjoying it. I get stressed right before I send them my copy, or deciding what the subject will be, but it's good stress.

This will be week five when Wednesday gets here. The first two weeks my column went out without a picture, just my name. The last two weeks there was a picture included.

A side effect of this hit me today.

Bloggers know one another. When I get a comment from someone I get to know their likes, and their blogs(If they have one). I know Say Uncle. We have never met, but know of each others interests. You get to know your readers. You also know that your blog readers and you will probably never cross paths.

I found that it's not like that in print.

I was walking into the YMCA this morning to swim and a worker there called out from the across the room "Gunner. I love what you're writing". All I could do was mutter "Thanks" and scurry to the pool. I am not joking when I say that the hairs on my arms stood on end.

It hit me. Each week my column and my picture are in every mailbox in my town. The semi-anonymity and distance of blogging is not there when you write for print.

The people who read what I write lives next door, work at the YMCA, and are on the city my picture is That fact is a bit unsettling.

A lot of bloggers blog because of the distance. It offers them protection from the fear that blogging may affect their daily life. Many use a nom de guerre to enhance that protection. The protective nature of the Internet is not there for print, and I simply don't like that. It's obvious that there would be people who look at the picture and connect the big fat hairy guy with the column. I just wasn't prepared for it.

I guess as long as they keep sending me a check, I will continue writing.

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