Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Those compassionate Canadians

A small article was brought to my attention by Google news. A retired Canadian military attache has an idea on how to bring peace to the middle east.
Ex-military attache draws parallels to today's Mideast crisis with time he served there

To stop the killing in south Lebanon will take a military force powerful enough to subdue both sides of the conflict, says Bill McCullough, a retired Armed Forces colonel with extensive knowledge of the Middle East.
Of course after you destroy the Israeli and Hezbollah you have to control those people.

Here is where that Canadian compassion comes into play.
Then, when order is established, make it illegal to own weapons.

"No one must bear arms. Make it a capital offence - if you're carrying a weapon, you get shot on sight. You could do it. The problem is, everybody still has weapons under their bed."
Thank goodness that in the 2000 election he lost big time. I could just see him pushing for roving execution squads for canadian gun owners.

Where do they breed people like this?

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