Friday, August 04, 2006

Am I a terrorist? Are you? Do they think you are?

Mother Jones news put together a collection of how the government spots terrorists.

let's take a moment to see how I look when examined with the list in mind.
Phoenix FBI Manuel
ExampleDefenders of the U.S. Constitution against federal government and the UN
ExampleGroups of individuals engaging in para-military training
ExampleThose who make numerous references to the U.S. Constitution
ExampleThose who attempt to police the police
ExampleLone individuals
Looking bad for me. Lets see how I look when the Virginia manual is examined.
ExampleMembers of anti-government and militia movements
Property rights activists
ExampleMembers of racist, separatist, and hate groups
ExampleEnvironmental and animal rights activists
ExampleReligious extremists
ExampleMembers of street gangs
The definition of what an anti-government group is has become so vague that I'm not sure.

The same Virginia manual says terrorist carry the following
ExampleSketch pads or notebooks
ExampleMaps or charts
ExampleStill or video cameras
ExampleHand-held tape recorders
ExampleSCUBA equipment
While I do have a Zorro outfit. I'm not sure the games I play at home would define me as a terrorist. Kinky yes, but not a national threat.

So looks like I may never go to Virginia or Arizona.

There are more lists in a good collection of what a government looks like when it jumps at the shadows and fears the darkness.

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