Friday, September 23, 2005

What is a Homeland Security Detective?

An interesting story was brought to my attention. It involves the police and a "Homeland Security Detective" and their harassing Ham protestors. Yes I said HAM PROTESTORS. Not terrorists or even funny looking foreigners. This is all about people protesting at a Honey Baked Ham store. Vegans. Just short of Al Qaida in the eyes of the government I guess.

I do understand the vital national interest that ham has during the month of December when this happened. If I do not get my Christmas ham I riot and loot all of the Wonder bread and Barry Manilow tapes I can get my hands on. A man's got to provide I say.

So these Vegans noticed the pair and went and things got interesting.
After the protest, the duo noticed they were being watched and photographed by a man in an unmarked car. They approached the car and wrote down the make, model, color and license plate number on a piece of paper. They then noticed the unmarked car was following them.

According to the ACLU suit, the car contained both a uniformed police officer and an undercover detective, later identified as Homeland Security Detective D.A. Gorman. The two pulled in behind Childs and Freeman and ordered them to exit their car.

Gorman then demanded that she turn over the piece of paper on which she had copied his license tag number. Childs refused to hand the paper over, and was handcuffed.

She was searched a male officer, despite her request to be searched only by a female officer, the ACLU says.

Both Childs and Freeman were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Police confiscated the piece of paper and Childs' house keys. Both were released from custody, but neither the piece of paper nor the keys were returned. The county has not pursued a criminal case.
That piece of paper is rather ironic if it is the crux of the problem. One thing I have always heard from the police is this. If you see a strange vehicle and worry about what it is doing then to take down the license plate number. Unless they're cops. Then you are charged with disorderly conduct.

But my question is this. What is a Homeland Security Detective? I know we already have federal marshals with trans state powers. I guess we have another level of police over us to keep an eye on.

Homeland Security Detectives. Protecting our vital ham supply one glazed slice at a time.

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