Friday, September 02, 2005

What happened to the billions?

Since 9/11 the government has been preparing for one thing. An attack using WMD by terrorists. They spoke little of the billions spent, but ran out the new trucks and shiny new communication computers for the cameras like an old guy with a new trophy wife. They purchased every testosterone inducing machine envisioned in their minds.

The government ran scenarios where they planned on evacuating cities and housing millions if needed and let every newspaper know about it long before it happened. Got to get those sound bites in early. Even Nashville is running a half million dollar drill this month. This drill is part of a 1.1 million dollar contract with a Virginia company


The government at all levels is acting like the keystone cops there. Where are those supposed well laid plans that were supposed to kick in the help a city that is a victim of attack? So the city was attacked by a storm. Destruction is destruction.

If this is the efficient manner in which our government reacts to a major occurrence then I'm going to buy more ammo and food because depending on them is depending on the village idiot.

So when all is said and done I would like to see an accounting of what Louisiana spent all of their millions on, and if any of it was useful.

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