Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What a fiasco in Washington

In Washington the government is showing the people that things make no sense.
Majority Leader Bill Frist promised to return to the bill as soon as possible but wanted to clear the legislative decks this week -- lawmakers' first after a month's recess -- to consider what could be done to help deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
"The Senate will move from its previously scheduled agenda for Tuesday, September 6, and instead consider a resolution expressing the sympathy of the Senate for the victims of Hurricane Katrina," he said yesterday.
The decision by Mr. Frist of Tennessee comes in response to requests by Minority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats who wanted the vote on the death-tax repeal to be delayed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
"It doesn't look right," Mr. Reid of Nevada said yesterday.
The first part is stupid. "What could be done to help deal with the aftermath". There is not one real thing they can do in Washington except throw money and blame around. Things they are already doing.

Then they say the will change the scheduled agenda to CONSIDER a resolution expressing sympathy. Mighty white of them to go out of the way to say "we feel your pain".

But it is the last part that bothers me. They will DELAY the repeal of the death tax. The dumb ass statement "It doesn't look right," should get Mr. Reid kicked in the balls.

You in Washington want to express sympathy? Pass the death tax repeal TODAY and deliver the message that the people who died in Katrina will be the last generation punished for dying with money.

That would deliver a honest message of sympathy. Instead they will all vote on this sappy worded bill that says how bad they feel and they will work harder(insert hysterical laughter)to protect you, but give us your dead family members money or else we send the IRS after your punk ass.
He also quoted the admonition of Christ to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, saying: "To the president of the United States, I simply say that God cannot be pleased with our response."
Strange. I never thought Jesus wanted 20-30% of a dead persons stuff.

Washington Screwing you while you're alive..and dead.

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