Thursday, September 22, 2005


Congress is sitting around talking about how they plan to get around to possibly deciding on what they may try to do to stop the massive abuse of eminent domain laws.

SOP in another words. Lots of talk and no action.

Also there were representatives of the National League of Cities and they threw in their own two cents, although it made no sense.
Mr. Perez said that if Congress went too far in curbing eminent domain, "in some of our poorest communities, I believe that we would have fewer people becoming homeowners, which means fewer participants in the administration's concept of an ownership society."
So unless there is a chance your home may be stolen for a WalMart you will not buy it. WHAT!

What he is saying is that if you're poor, and you bust your ass saving enough money to buy a home and renovate it with blood sweat and tears, you will then decide to get it in a city that is known for taking poor peoples houses and tearing them down.

The guy needs to stay off the shrooms in my opinion.

Our government in action. representatives of cities believing their own warped lies, and congress talking about all of the good things they will do...tomorrow.

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