Thursday, September 15, 2005

"We Just Can't Take No for an Answer."

This is a worrisome story from Texas.
To speed up drunken driving-arrests and make convictions stick, Dalworthington Gardens police officers are drawing blood samples themselves from DWI suspects.
And if suspects don't voluntarily submit, officers are getting search warrants to allow them to take a blood sample, in an anti-drunken driving campaign called: "We Just Can't Take No for an Answer."
How do they get a search warrant in the middle of the night? Pre-signed? Small towns likely do not have night courts so I guess they will waken judges throughout the night. They'll like that a lot.

If they don't take "No" as an answer will "screw you" work?

The question I ask is why?
Alpert said that prosecutors routinely prove driving while intoxicated cases without a breath or blood test, basing their evidence on the arresting officer's observations.
So obviously it is not needed to get a conviction. Maybe they just want to show the good citizens of Texas who's boss.

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