Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Their "crisis mode" is our regulatory strangle hold

A city in crisis. A town council in turmoil. Doom, despair, and agony on them.


Because their regulations are not being followed to the letter and that will not be allowed.
Montgomery County planning officials yesterday said they do not know the full extent of building problems in Clarksburg, after recently discovering that some housing lots are too small by as many as 800 square feet.
Several single-family homes have been built on lots that are as many as 800 square feet smaller than the 4,000 square feet required by site plans, said Rose Krasnow, chief of the Department of Park and Planning's development review division.
In addition, some plat records, which are detailed drawings of 10 to 30 home blocks, do not match the site plan that they are supposed to be drawn from, Mrs. Krasnow said. The type and number of homes specified on the plats differ from what is shown on the site plans, which are legally binding documents.
Now the problem for me in this article is what it does not address. The people living on those criminally small lots.

Not one quote from someone saying their yard was criminally small, or threateningly close to the road. The people are happy with their houses as no quotes from the owners are included. None seem to care that their lot is 800 square feet smaller then some rules in a book in the courthouse.

All the turmoil is from the paper pushers who feel that every box is not checked and every line is not measured.

The closest they come to a specific issue is this line.
Numerous changes in Clarksburg and other developments across the county have been made by agreement between planning staff and builders' lawyers.
For example, a pedestrian walkway connecting a historic church to the town center was eliminated -- and the church was cut off from the development -- without public notice or input.
Public notice and input means that they have an open meeting, listen to the people, and then do whatever the heck they want to do.

So even that issue is a non complaint issue.

How much money will be spent to justify their "crisis". No houses will be torn down, and not one thing will be done except harsher enforcements of the regulations.

Thanks government.

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