Friday, September 23, 2005


The Red Cross has opened two shelters in Tennessee for Katrina refugees*. Now since most of the refugees are black you would think that the local black churches would support and be happy at the community effort to help them.


The problem is that the volunteers are way to white. I kid you not.
The Red Cross has been praised for its tireless efforts assisting storm victims in Middle Tennessee. But there are concerns in the black community that the organization lacks diversity, especially in an effort helping mostly black evacuees.

A number of minority churches and groups are offering to help, but say they've been left out.

The Red Cross Shelter in Franklin opened its doors to storm victims last week. It’s only one of two shelters in Middle Tennessee. The other is in Nashville.

Both shelters are in suburban areas, and the volunteers are predominately white, while the evacuees are almost all black.

Some members of the African-American community say that’s not good enough.
What part of the word VOLUNTEER do you not understand. We can't make you work. The last time we tried to make you work it was called slavery and that did not work out very well now did it? I'm so damn sick of some of the local Jesse Jackson/Al "super size me" Sharpton wannabes.

So you sat on your ass and did not volunteer and now you're upset that they won't bend over for your emotional needs to do something after the fact? Piss up a rope.
Searcy adds, “You know that big headline that we were gonna have six thousand evacuees and the list of shelters in the newspaper were in the suburbs and so the question is: why aren't these in our community?”

The Red Cross says it’s because the other groups were already on a pre-approved list. Their facilities had already been checked out, and the volunteers, already trained.
The Red Cross acknowledges most of it’s volunteers are white, but says training is open to anyone. Since then, Joyce Searcy went through training, and is signing up others.
You do not "pre-approve", "checked out" or "trained" over a weekend. This is something that you do before hand.

So unless you plan to get off your ass, get pre-approved, checked out, and get the needed training please SHUT THE HELL UP!

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