Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Secrets revealed.

The UK government had a secret study done, and when the results were not to their liking they tried to bury it deep. Thanks to a freedom of information act request the government cannot keep denying that speed cameras cause MORE accidents.
Secret UK Study: Speed Cameras Increase Injury Accidents
Full text of suppressed UK government study shows speed cameras increase accidents 31 percent on freeways, 55 percent in work zones.

The UK Department for Transport funded, then suppressed, a study that shows a 55 percent increase in injury accidents when speed cameras are used on highway work zones and a 31 percent increase when used on freeways without construction projects. According to the Transport Research Laboratory, the "non-works [personal injury accident] rate is significantly higher for the sites with speed cameras than the rate for sites without."

Although the Department for Transport's Highways Agency funded the study, no information regarding these results was ever made public until a Freedom of Information Act request was honored earlier this month. The Transport Research Laboratory attempted to suppress the UK taxpayer-funded study further by charging £40 (US $72) for access to the results. Moreover, the study's executive summary calculates only the aggregate accident rate including the benefit of manned police patrol cars in the work zones. The significant decrease in accidents from a human police presence was used to offset the increase in camera accidents.
Will thedeadlyy cameras come down? Not likely. First they have to find another way to get money from you without using the word "Taxes".

Cameras are all about money, and your life. The money comes first.

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