Friday, September 23, 2005

A Pilot who is on the no-fly list

And you thought you had a bad day year. This Irish guy who loves America, loves one of our women, and simply wants the American dream ends up being shafted by the current American Nightmare.
Cape Air pilot Robert Gray said he feels like he's living a nightmare. Two months after he sued the federal government for refusing to let him take flight training courses so he could fly larger planes, he said yesterday, his situation has only worsened.

Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts When Gray showed up for work a couple of weeks ago, he said Cape Air told him the government had placed him on its no-fly list, making it impossible for him to do his job. Gray, a Belfast native and British citizen, said the government still won't tell him why it thinks he's a threat.

''I haven't been involved in any kind of terrorism, and I never committed any crime," said Gray, 35, of West Yarmouth. He said he has never been arrested and can't imagine what kind of secret information the government is relying on to destroy his life.

''Ever since I came here I've loved this country for what it stands for, and this goes against everything that I've ever learned about this country and how it treats people," he said.''This is the kind of nightmarish situation you think happened in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany, but not in America."

Holding back tears yesterday, his fiancee, Joy Valante, said the couple is getting married next month and has had to cancel plans to visit Gray's ailing mother in Ireland and honeymoon in Tuscany.
Now our government doing all it can to protect us from evil people seems to have one problem. They cannot figure who the bad guy is.
The agency denied an administrative appeal by Gray and refused to disclose what information it had, but it provided Gray's lawyers with a computer printout that indicated it was about a Robert Gray who is Hispanic. The Cape Air pilot is white.
The American dream is rather tarnished today.

So all appeals seem to have been used and his career is over. Thanks Uncle Sam.

Can we start hanging politicians now?

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