Thursday, September 01, 2005


At Stupid security they are posting links to a document that was let out a bit before it should have been, and the edited version of it.

Since this document may not be online long I will post screen shots of what is the interesting part of them.

The first document(pdf) gives grim news on camera tripod users and their possibly short life span. This all comes from the war on freedom cameras.


So Stupid Security contacted the Pawlowski mentioned in the article and she replied.
I wrote to Rebecca Pawlowski, the contact mentioned in the document, and she courteously responded, indicating that the document is not in its final form, should have been edited some, and will be edited some. Here's the key text as of 8/31/05:
You put something on the web it is fare game for everyone.

So when Rebecca Pawlowski, the person listed on the document, found it was on stupid security they did a bit of fast editing(New pdf). One thing is known by everyone. When something shocking called the truth gets out an edit occurs and the truth is hidden.


Now see. Isn't that better people? Your ass is still in the crosshairs of a Barrett or Remington, but since you don't know it all is good in the world. (we all break out in song and drink a coke)

"Your government at work. One scope shot at a time"

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