Thursday, September 15, 2005

Once again the police stop the music

Seems some authorities have issues with people enjoying themselves and raising money for Katrina victims.
The concert organizers tried their best to calm everyone down. They seemed very concerned that nothing would get out of hand as the crowd filed out chanting real loud ‘@#%$ the Police’. A few of the Latino homies had enough and let their anger be known. They were heated and ready to do something, and organizers had to calm them down and dissuade them for engaging in a fight where they were out gunned. When folks left the venue and hit the streets, they were met by a huge line of police cars and at several dozen officers dressed in riot gear with bully clubs drawn.

One thing about LAPD for those who don’t know, is that they train all year for this sort of stuff. They have the militarism and intimidation tactics down to a tee. When you left the venue all the chanting stopped because it was clear that LAPD had strategically positioned themselves and had literally surrounded the venue and the people. The whole thing reminded me of gauntlet line with the police on a mission to intimidate. Some had their helmets pulled down and moved alongside of the crowd in a menacing manner. They were like a jarring occupying force-no different then the street gangs they're supposed to regulate. These cats just totally poisoned the air and ruined the spirit of the night. You felt like any moment they were going to attack. They were looking for a reason-any reason to show off and use their fire power and military tactics. At one point everyone braced when a passing car ran over a bottle. Everyone including LAPD thought it was thrown as a phalanx of officers quickly moved from across the street toward the leaving crowd.
Unlike the Utah police rave raid the LAPD does not even have the common respect to give a good lie as to why they broke it up. They just did.

Doing a basic google search there was only ONE return on this police action. I guess unless it bleeds, it won't lead.

"Just because". The only reason force needs to be used today. "Just because"

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