Monday, September 12, 2005

NRA = Not Relevent Anymore

Maybe now people will see that the NRA will not be there for them.
So where is the NRA? Authorities are going into private homes in New Orleans and forcibly removing the only real means the last hold-outs have of defending themselves against looters, rapists and murderers. I suppose the reasoning behind this outrageously unconstitutional act is to make the remaining residents feel vulnerable -- and I'm certain it is working. But let me state for the record that if any of those remaining residents come to harm after they've been disarmed, there is going to be Hell to pay. But where is the NRA? Why hasn't the NRA, the nation's most powerful gun lobby, filed papers in federal court to stop this illegal act? Why do you NRA members pay your dues to those dupes if they can't be counted on to even try to stop this action?
They are looking pretty bad right now.

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