Friday, September 16, 2005

It's like a bad echo.

I read it so often that it is shameful to believe that cops feel this way.
Frustrated by numerous auto thefts in his neighborhood, a football coach took matters into his own hands when thieves tried to steal his truck, violently ripping one of them from a getaway car before calling police
The coach grabbed a young man from inside the getaway vehicle as it began to pull away.

"The window was down just a little bit, so I ripped the window out, it shatters all over the ground," Cavallon said. "I try to pull him out of the car and the seat belt gets in the way, so I open up the car door, and as the guy's driving the get away car away, I yank him out of the car, throw him to the ground, pick him up, slam him on the hood of my truck, and just held him there."
Pause for a moment of applause.

The comment is the standard "Don't take the law into your own hands" that pisses me off everytime I read it.
Seattle Police Officer Rich Pruitt gladly took the 20-year-old, but encouraged others not to emulate Cavallon.

"Running outside, and taking on multiple suspects, I would advise against," Pruitt said "In this case, it did work out, and he was able to catch one of the bad guys."
Sheep are not supposed to fight back I guess.

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