Sunday, September 25, 2005

I like this guy

A lot
Sri Lankan election chief's heart not in it

Sri Lankan election chief Dayananda Dissanayake will be running November presidential elections but will not be voting - he does not trust politicians.

Mr Dissanayake, 64, is Sri Lanka's most reluctant election commissar.

He wants to retire but a constitutional quirk is forcing him, against his will, to lead a team of 100,00 officials in staging the November 17 vote.

"I have never voted at an election since 1963," Mr Dissanayake said.

"I voted at a village council election because I did not know much about politicians at the time.

"But, since I got to know politicians, I decided never to vote again."

He says one of his main concerns is to ensure no one impersonates him at the November vote.

In a country where the vote of the main Opposition presidential candidate Hector Kobbekaduwa was cast by another pretending to be him in 1982, impersonations are not uncommon.
Someone voted for him! Is Sri Lanka near Chicago? Ha!

Sri Lanka was the country that their government demanded money after the Tsunami or else they would not let Red Cross trucks in to deliver help and save people. The government has to get their cut of the pie I guess.

What is worse is they refuse to let him retire.

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