Monday, September 19, 2005

I have to share this illogic

I have a deep dislike, if not hatred, of big government and it's oppressive works. So when I read this article from the Cato institute one part really made me open my eyes to how bad the thought patterns are in the big government crowd.
You've got to hand it to the advocates of big government. They're never embarrassed by the failures of government. On the contrary, the state's every malfunction is declared a reason to give government more money and more power.

Take Hurricane Katrina, a colossal failure of government at every level--federal, state, and local. Thirteen days after the hurricane, the Sunday Washington Post blared, "The Steady Buildup to a City's Chaos/Confusion Reigned at Every Level of Government."

And what's the response of the big-government crowd? "The era of small government is over." "It's libertarianism, more than anything else, that has transformed [New Orleans] into an immense morgue." "Americans living along the Gulf Coast have now reaped the consequences of that hostility . . . to the role of government as a force for good."
That's right people. The libertarians are to blame for the flooding of NO.

But take pause people because all quotes can be taken out of context. So I went and found where that comment came from. From a column by Harold Meyerson in the Washington post. In it he laments on what happened and throws darts of blame wildly.
The world looks on in stunned amazement, unable to understand how a once great nation has grown so indifferent not just to its poor and its blacks but even to the most rudimentary self-preservation. Some of it is institutional racism, but the primary culprit is the economic libertarianism that the president still espouses whenever he sells his Social Security snake oil. It's that libertarianism, more than anything else, that has transformed a great city into an immense morgue.
Wow. What a well written piece of crap.
once great nation has grown so indifferent the most rudimentary self-preservation
So if the nation has grown indifferent to self preservation, a hard core libertarian ideal, then how is it the libertarians fault? Libertarians preach self preservation against the government you are forcing down our throats at gun point pushing.
economic libertarianism that the president still espouses
Err? What part of this do I call BS on? How about all of it.

This president throws a lot of money out and is a prime example of big government. To even attempt to connect Bush and libertarianism is futile and a good way to show the world how out of touch some are with reality.

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