Monday, September 19, 2005

Has gas changed your lifestyle?

Our country is a commuting country. Most people could walk to work or take a bus 50 years ago but not today. Now you hop in your car and drive 20-40 minutes to get there.

The gas prices we are living under is not horrible, but it is not good. I feel sorry for companies that cannot change what they do. Truckers need their trucks so they guzzle gas. But we, the commuters, can change.

We have two vehicles. A 79 Chevy Suburban with it's 10-15mpg and our Geo Metro with its 45-50 mpg. The Chevy right now is sitting idle. We can afford to drive it but there is simply no need. My wife and I are even brain storming the idea of selling the beast. With only 82,000 original miles we expect a good deal.

With the money a nice, more fuel efficient, S10 or like model will grace it's place.

So has the fuel costs of today made you change your lifestyle a little, or change vehicles?

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