Monday, September 05, 2005

Dumb quotes for the day.

Some people should not open their mouth in public.
"I think we have to plan for both" terror attacks and natural disasters, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said.
What an original idea. Can someone down there slap him with an obvious club?

Then he keeps opening his mouth.
"I think the problem is we had two events that have been hypothesized that occurred simultaneously," Chertoff said Saturday. "And I guess that does, you know, indicate that at some level with all of the planning and all of resources, if a truly catastrophic event, if an ultra-catastrophe occurs, there's going to be some harmful fallout."
That's right people. All of the government doing nothing with your taxes and them sitting on their asses while people die is called "harmful fallout".

Please use a really big "obvious club" on his head.
In January, Homeland Security issued a national response plan combining disaster relief programs from at least 12 agencies to ensure streamlined assistance to state and local authorities.
Anymore "streamlined" assistance and the whole south would be a wasteland.

Please club his head hard.

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