Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dear New Jersey republicans.
Signed Democratic state administration.

People are all up in arms at how badly the situation in New Orleans is. Some are even asking questions openly about how the money was spent on homeland defense and other first responders in that state.

Some say the money was mismanaged or even grafted off. Maybe this will give you an idea of how a Democratic party controlled state runs its homeland defense money.
Assemblymen Sean T. Kean and Steve Corodemus, both R-Monmouth, are upset that the state awards homeland security grants almost exclusively to municipalities in legislative districts represented by Democrats. And they're trying to change that.
Kean said $22 million of the $23 million the state has doled out in the past three years in homeland security grants to municipalities has gone to Democratic districts.

"That's just unacceptable," he said.

Kean said none of the 25 towns in his district — which includes Asbury Park, Neptune and Wall — received any money for homeland security, while largely Democratic towns like Marlboro and Manalapan did
So this may give you an idea on how bad New Orleans was likely run. Party politics defines who lives and who dies.

With my view of politicians I say this is just one low life demanding his cut of the govenrment pie.

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