Sunday, September 11, 2005

The day after.

Today is the day that so many people stop and take a reflective moment to remember what happened on 9/11. It is hard not to think about it. Every newspaper, radio, and tv is full of stories and images from that horrible day.

For me the most horrible day was not 9/11. That horror was a physical attack on our nation. The most horrible day for me was 9/12. The day after.

The day after was the moment we, as a nation, started to turn on our own people.

The next morning across Washington word processors were humming with people writing new laws and new interpretations of old laws. The day they sent the legal attack dogs to attack us.

The war on terror is an unwinnable war. I want everyone to say that. The war on terror is unwinnable. Terror has been used by nations and people since time began. So when you hear a politician say these laws are short term to help them fight the war on terror please take a moment and do you civic duty by straggling them.. In front of a camera would be best.

So on 9/12 the real attack started. The attack on our own freedom, by people who I thought enjoyed and understood what freedom meant. I shamefully admit on that point I was so wrong.

The most well know 9/12 attack was in the form of the Patriot act. The one made to help our "fine agents" fight terror with the needed tools. Terror like gangs in NY, or reading the wrong books in a library, or even money laundry activity in vegas. True terror activities seem less important then fighting us the people.

I've made a comment to some in life that I have NO loyalty to the United states. Before you hang me as some freak please listen. The US is simply a physical item. The US was based on IDEALS OF FREEDOM. So should you be loyal to a nation when it is not loyal to the ideas that it was founded on? I'm not. I despise the activities the government is involved in. I call our own administration the enemy.

I used to sit back and laugh at the freaks online who chanted that there would be cams to hold people the government does not like. These camps would be the start of the end. No courts, and no chance of getting out. So I look at Gitmo and for once I am scared of my own government the ruling junta.

So on 9/11 the towers fell and we touched the face of evil. On 9/12 the government gathered the tools of evil up and started using them on us. I don't use the word evil easily. But for Germans who fought and died resisting evil in the 30's and 40's I salute you. To the Chinese who rise up and tried to bring freedom while our government sat on it's collective ass I salute you.

Soon after 9/11 there was a commercial that really struck me as true. It showed people just standing there saying things like "Tomorrow I will wed", or "tomorrow I'm going to go to work". Then at the end the message was basically that the terrorist would win if we did not go on living and doing what we always did. They can not change us.. But they did. The terrorist won because we have turned on ourselves. We now cannot fly to that wedding without searches. We cannot check out a "how to" book on getting a job without the possibility of the feds reading our library card.

So on 9/11 the terrorists failed, and yet they won. We changed. We now attack the base ideals of this country.

So should I be loyal to an evil government? Should I own one iota of compassion to the enemies of the ideas this nation was based on?

I say no.

So this year the patriot act was renewed. This year our own land was stolen from us.

So tomorrow I will remember the nation as we once were. Free.

Remember 9/11. Weep for 9/12.

The day after is when the real attack occurred.

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