Thursday, September 22, 2005

A chicken bomb in every pot

Wonder no more about what are government is doing to protect you from the evils of terrorism.

The government established groups to think outside of the box.
DHS likes to say that it is thinking out of the box in getting inside the minds of terrorists. Its main vehicle to do so is its so called "Red Cell," a group of consultants established "to complement traditional intelligence-based threat projections by taking an 'out of the box' approach that is achieved by drawing on the talents of a broad range of individuals, such as best-selling authors, academics, the military, and pop musicians."

A year ago, the Red Cell published a "For Official Use Only" report How Terrorists Might Exploit a Hurricane and published here for the first time, to respond to a DHS request "to speculate on possible terrorist exploitation of a high category hurricane."
While good in theory as some of those musicians have performed some real bombs in the past. The reports they create are nice, if you cook.
And my favorite: The "For Official Use Only" report about Potential Terrorist Use of Pressure Cookers. I always suspected that my mother was up to no good.(pdf)
Pressure cookers. I have three so I must be on some list somehwere.

Terrorists. Beware the pressure cooker brigade of death.

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