Monday, September 05, 2005

Cartoon comes to mind

This story I just read brought an old cartoon came to mind. It shows a street corner. Around one corner is a thug with a club just waiting for a victim. Down the other side is a small framed man walking. The caption has always made me laugh "you are about to see a liberal become a conservative".

The cartoon came to mind because of this tragic tale of one anti-gun individual and a lesson she was forced to learn.
Rhonda Mandel hates guns.

But then Hurricane Katrina sideswiped New Orleans on Monday and the Fort Myers woman was suddenly stuck in a French Quarter hotel.

Two days later, Mandel found herself and about 75 other guests preparing to drive an armed caravan of abandoned cars out of the city.

Mandel's driver - a hotel employee armed to the teeth - stopped to show her how to use a handgun.

"I told him no," Mandel said. "I didn't want to."

The engineer looked her in the eye, deadly serious. Just blocks away, the people of New Orleans had already started to loot and rob and kill each other.

"He said, 'What are you going to do when they shoot me?'" Mandel recalled.

She didn't have a good response. "OK," she finally answered. "Show me."
A lot of liberal anti-gunners have become pro-gun and are probably not happy with that fact.

You might note with all of the gun violence the Brady Center has not issues one single press release. Maybe even they see the people protecting themselves with firearms in the news and know they lost this battle. They would look pretty bad if they called for the disarming of all of New Orleans.

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