Friday, September 30, 2005

A broken two party system

Some like to say that we live and enjoy a two party system. I look at it as we suffer under two crime syndicates and they do not like to share their cut of the loot.
North Carolina
Adam Weinberg is a man without a party.

State election officials decertified the Libertarian Party on Aug. 22. So Weinberg, who still is a Libertarian at heart, was expecting to run into some problems Tuesday as a voter in the primary election for the Winston-Salem City Council.

But he wasn't expecting to be turned away from the polls.
The Libertarian Party failed to receive at least 10 percent of the vote in last November's general election, so the party is no longer recognized in North Carolina, according to state law.

Anyone registered as a Libertarian must file as a Democrat, Republican or "unaffiliated" voter by Oct. 17 or his designation automatically will be changed to unaffiliated.
How nice of them.
New York
Brooklyn, NY 9/29/05-- NYC Board of Elections tried to keep Gary Popkin off the ballot as the Libertarian Party"s candidate for Brooklyn Borough President. He would not give in, and triumphed in court. The retired computer science professor needed 4000 signatures from Brooklyn voters to qualify. The NYC Libertarians presented a consolidated multi-candidate petition with the mayoral candidate Audrey Silk, the other citywide candidates and candidates for Brooklyn and Queens Borough president. The Board of Elections not only deemed Popkin"s signature total insufficient but his petitions fraudulent. Judge Joseph S. Levine agreed that Popkin had earned a place on the Libertarian line in November with 6083 signatures, rejecting the Board of Elections claim that Popkin"s petitions were fraudulent.

Former Libertarian Party of New York State Chair Richard Cooper discovered the Election Law's explicit provisions for multi-candidate petitions making it easier for the group to run more candidates. Cooper said "Popkin struck a blow for all New Yorkers dissatisfied with the Republicans and Democrats who have ruined New York by making it easier for independent candidates to get on the ballot, thus giving the voters a choice."
The democrats sure do like to scream against big business and their" evil monopolies" that take people's right of choice away, but have no trouble when they get a political monopoly in certain areas.

We are living under a two party monopoly. simply look at the last several presidential elections we have suffered under. The one thing they cannot stand is third party options.

The lessor of two evils is the one that gets the most votes.

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