Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Are you a "good citizen"?

I commented in the past about the Attorney general of Tennessee and his actions against one singer and her crime of holding a skoal can while singing about a skoal can. Shocking right?

As a man with power he wielded it to threaten action against her and she quit using the can during her song. To say that bothered me a lot would be an understatement.

But then the rat bastard attorney general released a press release (pdf) to crow about his victory over one singer and his words showed such a patronizing nature that I have to rant a little.

He wrote in one part.
"..I thank her very much. This quick and positive response speaks well of her as a professional artist, as a good citizen, as a parent and as a role model for youth."
"Good citizen"? Does that little shit AG in Nashville know how much he sounds like a little shit?

I guess that means when the state says "jump", to be a "good citizen" we have to jump and yell "how high"?

The other parts about this showing well on her being a "professional artist" is worrisome also. He censored her act by using the force of law. He feels censorship of free expression a victory. Reminds me of all of those poor singers behind the iron and bamboo curtains who are and were told what to sing to stay on the good side of the state.

Before you ask if she was being paid to hold the can of Skoal
"Wilson's representative confirmed she had no relationship with the United States Smokeless tobacco company, the manufacturers of the Skoal product"
This was her own act. Because of that she was threatened, her being a "good" parent was even questioned. But the state is happy because they publicly trained one more "good citizen".

So in the press release he even states that there was no connection between her and the Skoal company. So without a connection he still influenced her to "edit" her act to be a good "citizen". To even have the man think that he has the right to use his office to change a way a song is performed shows he should not be in that office.

Censoship is something that we have always tried to avoid in this country. It seem regretfully that some can achieve high office and still feel censorship is a good thing..To be a "good citizen" and all.

He questioned her as a parent, and an artist, and a citizen. Yet to me he is the one of questionable character.

The first 5 out of 10 results for "good citizen" in Google are for training dogs.

The state. Training good citizens one person at a time

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