Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You are wrong Mrs Rice or McClellan

In all of this turmoil about the Newsweek article our government has said something that is basically against the very nature of our country. Free speech is one of the basic beliefs that help define our country against others. Another basic belief is the right to believe and worship as we like. So in one statement our government has trod upon both views and they should be called on it openly.

In an attempt to appease the Middle east the secretary of State Mrs Rice has had this statement attributed to her.
MR. McCLELLAN: Well, Secretary Rice spoke to this issue yesterday and I think made our views very clear. One of the values that we hold most dearly here in the United States is religious freedom and the ability of people to be able to worship freely. As Secretary Rice made clear yesterday, disrespect for the holy Koran is something that the United States will never tolerate.
This was a quote taken from the daily press briefing at the white house.

Sorry but the government is wrong. No matter who in the White House said it they should be ashamed. You will tolerate it because we have the right to disrespect anything or anyone we wish here. You may want to make the world love us in the Middle East, but to do it with statements like this is dangerous.

The ability to disrespect something is important. It is a basic freedom. Thought, speech, even worship is about respect, and disrespect. The government is full of the same people who would allow the infamous Piss Christ and call it art, but to make other countries happy get all upset when even rumors of disrespect of the Koran occur. I think the guy who did piss Christ is an ass, but it is his right to be an ass.

Get used to it. Disrespect is a way of life and a basic freedom.

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