Thursday, May 12, 2005

Watch out. He's armed with a camera case

In a Homer Simpson "D'ooh" moment the TSA reaches even higher into the stratosphere of stupidity
I made no attempt to hide the camera, but I did show the first screener (before the X-ray machine) that it was, in fact, a camera.
Then it got silly. I was told by the TSA decisionmaker that the camera could come on board *but the empty steel case couldn't.* This seemed so mindless I politely asked for clarification, but got nothing further than "the camera can go, but the case can't." Asked for a supervisor and was told "you got 'em." I got out of line, walked a couple terminals away, and fedexed the camera to myself.
I saw this small camera about a year ago and have always kept a link to it for future purchasing possibilities. Now the desire to buy it and fly increases the odds of me finally getting my James Bond Stealth Camera.

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