Wednesday, May 04, 2005

They start younger every year

what does the face of a modern terror suspect look like? This maybe? Well here the sad tale of a father who finds out his son is on the TSA no fly list.
At the counter I began using a touch screen monitor to process boarding passes for my wife, myself and my three sons. I entered the information correctly, but the process seemed to simply stall. I chalked it up to a computer snafu and began all over again. Once again I reached a dead end without explanation
Approaching me, the agent asked if I had a son named John. I replied affirmatively. She asked for his birth date which I quickly provided. She asked what city he was born in. Again I was prompt with my answer. The smile on her face disappeared as she informed me that my seven-year-old son was on the government’s no-fly list
Can we shut down the TSA and its damned list now people!

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