Thursday, May 26, 2005

Taken away in handcuffs

Police went into the Tennessee legislature today and dragged four people out in cuffs. What is so joyful for me is that one of them was Ford from Memphis. This guy has been a pimple of Tennessee's rear for to long.

Here are a few sites with good updated information
Say Uncle
Nashville Files
Nashville Is Talking
Knox News/No Silence here

I have been watching streaming video of the Tenn. legislature online for the last few weeks for comedic relief and I just went to check it out. For some reason the streaming videos from the house are down.

News Channel 5 has links to each of the charges against each politician. Here is the payouts sent to Ford according to the affy.
April 19th 10,000
Sep 17th 5000
Oct 15th 5000
Nov 11th when asked if he needed anything commented. "Yeah. Send me a little money"
Nov 19th 5000
Dec17th 5000
Jan31 5000
Feb 01 5000
Mar10 5000
Mar 17th 5000
Apr 8th 5000
55,000$ in bribes in 8 short months. I got to get my butt into politics if I want to make the big bucks. Of course jail is a bad side effect so I will need a scapegoat.

On the right side of News Channel 5's website there is a streaming video section. The entire news conference listing the charges and answering questions can be watched. Very intereting.

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