Thursday, May 12, 2005

The strangest linkage yet

I have gotten linked to from many places. Gun forums, milk blogs, and even Knoxville News blog. But today I have to say that I finally got a link that blew me away.

A lesbian Anime site.
Shoujo-Ai, shoujoai, yuri, anime lesbian, fanfiction
Welcome to the Shoujo-Ai Archive. This site is dedicated to serving the shoujo-ai anime fan community. The word "shoujo-ai" literally means "girl love", and has been adapted to denote lesbian relationships, frequently in anime and manga.

People like to read shoujo-ai for a variety of reasons. For some of those who have a soft spot for warm-and-fuzzy-feeling romantic stories, it is the appeal of seeing a nice girl-girl relationship, which while not rare, is also not as common in anime fanfiction as some of us would like.

Others get bored with predictable everyday situations in anime fanfiction, where the roles in relationships are clear cut: the man's job is to defend, provide food and shelter and be manly, while the woman's job is to support the man, keep the food and shelter straight, and be demure. In a lesbian relationship, these roles are not clear cut at all; the relationship becomes exciting and unpredictable again.
I think the only think they may have linked to would be the bARbie-15 post I did a few weeks ago. Until today I did not know, or had even thought of, lesbian anime and their fanfiction sites. I guess I learn something everyday. I tried to go to the page that I am getting so many referrals from, but it seems blocked.

So if you read this and you're from that site, please inform me of what you're here to see?

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