Monday, May 23, 2005

She replies to my request for a confirmation.

I just got off the phone with Doxie McCoy and she talked to D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. I had wanted her to confirm or deny a comment that was attributed to her boss. I was truthfully surprised that she called me back.

Although the return call was brief and I typed as fast as I could she did say this. Doxie McCoy said that delegate Norton stated that
"she was stopped in the hall by the reporter and something was lost in the quote."
This explains why only the Washington Times is the only source of the quote. Speak in haste, repent in leisure is what is happening to her right now. Politicians should know that every word they speak will be reported and blogged on. Just like this one.

McCoy also informed me that the quote was
"Not her feelings" on the matter
While that is good and all it seemed rather rough on the sponsors of the bill, but Doxie McCoy also said.
"not the intentions of the sponsors" To kill kids
Well thats a lot of worry off of their minds.

In reality I think deep down most gun-grabbers who have wrapped their mentality around the gun debate truly feel gun right advocates want people to be killed. Submandave made this comment on Stop the Bleating!
I'm surprised she didn't follow the point to its logical conclusion.

1. NRA want to kill more children in DC
2. Most children in DC are minorities
3. Most NRA supporters are Republicans

therefore ...

Republicans are racist thugs who want to kill all minority children.

He pretty much hit a home run with that comment.

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