Monday, May 09, 2005

More on McCarthy's new bill.

Here bill, HR1931, and the senates bill of S954 have been introcduced the day after a court ruled that foreign felons do not lose their rights here in the US. Maybe she feels we have to many rights here and we need more laws to punish us.

From Gun Law News we find that the senate bill is not as horrible as hers.
S.954 adds people convicted of some foreign felonies to the list of people prohibited from buying firearms and ammunition. It differs from HR1931 in that the conviction must be for a crime that is defined as a crime in the US.
So Free speech and Christians do not have to worry about the senate bill.

Gun Law News did give a few more examples of what would be held against you if convicted in another country
Using a GPS in Russia.
Importing Bibles into China.
Defending yourself from attack in Italy.
Violating French antitrust law.
Using a GPS device is illegal in Russia. Learn something every day.

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