Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's easy to punish the sinner when they decide what is a sin

The government is hitting a wall. They can tax and tax but the supply is limited, and if they tax to much then they do not get reelected. So how does a politician get a supply of cash to keep the bloated government running at the state level. Tax sinners with a sin tax.

But what is a sin to one is a lifestyle of another. I do not smoke, drink, chew, or play video games(more then I should), but I know people who do. Sin taxes are the best thing a politician can do for themselves and their budget. The tax is directed against one small sub-group in your area, and the morally superior feel like you're a real go-getter.

The issue is should a small group of people be taxed because society does not like what they do? I understand a lot of sin taxes are directed against things that are bad for you. Smoking is bad for you and everyone knows it, if you have even a basic grasp on reality. Drinking has many problems with it, but drinkers pretty much know it, but then we are back to the "basic grasp on reality" bit.

Two things I do not like. One is not the tax as much as the stealth government growth that is occurring. Reading articles on sin tax they almost always mention the tax would be to finance schools, social programs, or just general budget stupidity. So the gov keeps growing but now it is on the back of SINNERS. The government is going to keep growing so much that they will start making up sins to finance their programs like obesity, video games, and even illegal drugs. When does the government stop finding things to tax and start living on a real budget? Probably never until a few capital building are burned down as a message to them.

The other is the issue of punishing people with this tax because they are doing something others do not like. I find most sin taxes are basic alcohol and cigarette based, but it is spreading. What you might be doing today will be the sin of tomorrow and the tax revenue creator of the day after. So even if you think sin taxes are good because you don't smoke, drink or do other bad things you need to pull your head out of your rear. When the big two are drained of all they can give they will go looking for more. You might very well be in their cross hairs.

We need to tell the government that sin taxes are wrong even if you're not one of the sinners, because tomorrow you might be.

Article that pissed me off enough to write this.

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