Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I accredit myself..I think.

I read an article about a newspaper reporter being kept out of a press conference for no reason given. He suspects why here.
Chris Simcox, the owner and publisher of Arizona's Tombstone Tumbleweed and a co-founder of the Minuteman Project, says he was denied entry to a press conference with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Simcox said he was told Border Patrol Tucson Sector Chief Michael Nicley said he could not attend the press conference Thursday, but was given no reason.

Simcox said he believes Nicley refused him admittance because of his connection with the Minuteman Project, which involved volunteers watching the border in Cochise County throughout April. Simcox was a co-organizer of the event with Californian Jim Gilchrist.
Now I do not claim to be a reporter. I am a blogger. I rant, comment, and sometimes go overboard. But I am not a reporter. But I read this in the article.
Before the press conference, he received notice of it like other members of the media.
Hey. How do I get on that list? So I surfed on over to the DHS and checked it out. I clicked pressroom and in the corner I saw this.

Hmmmm. How do I go about getting accredited? Doing a google search was worthless, so I simply filled it out and wrote as media organization that I worked for "No Quarters" and was "individual site manager and writer". Did not lie or imply anything that I am not. So I will see what happens and post about it.

During the last election fiasco I signed up and am on the media list for the OSCE in Europe. They were the ones who sent the observers that Moore glad handed so much.

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