Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Give us more information...or else.

The federal government has asked us to voluntarily give more information to them to fly, with a not to subtle threat thrown in.
The federal government plans to begin collecting the full names and birth dates of air travelers this summer in its latest effort to screen passengers for possible links to terrorism.

In a few weeks, the Transportation Security Administration will notify airlines, travel agents and online reservation systems that they will be required to ask travelers for their legal names and birth dates when booking domestic flights.

Travelers will be encouraged — but not required — to give the personal information. Under the current system, only a last name and first initial are needed to reserve a flight.
But then they throw in the threat.
Passengers who don't comply with the request will dramatically increase their chances of being stopped at airports for questioning or pat-downs, TSA Assistant Administrator Justin Oberman said. That's because their partial names are more likely to register a “hit” on terrorist watch lists.
So with extra questioning they could make you miss your plane, or just hassle you to ruin a nice calm flight. Thank Gov.
Millions of passengers a year are given extra airport scrutiny or told they cannot board flights because their names resemble those of terrorism suspects.
Now call me simple, but if I were a terrorist planning on doing something, would I pick a fake name that "resembles" my known name? That comment from them is so shallow and dumb that it pisses me off. But most actions that the government does now adays in the name of security upsets me.

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