Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Crow #1: Did you ever see an elephant fly?
Crow #2: Well, I seen a horse fly.
Crow #3: I seen a dragon fly.
Crow #4: I seen a house fly.

Yesterday I saw something I never thought I would see. I've seen political blogs, I've seen news blogs' I've even seen a nude blog, but yesterday I saw a Milk blog.

I did a post about the state of Virginia hammering down on a small goat milk cheese producer. I did not think much about the milk part of it, the issue of the regulatory might of the state was what bothered me. But the next day I noticed some hits on my sitemeter from a planetrawmilk. Well my curiosity got the best of me and I dropped by to check out the Raw Milk site.

Planet Raw Milk is a new blog, just started May 5th, but it has a narrow point of interest. Raw Milk, the states battles against it, and the advantages of it. The fact that raw milk has been the drink for thousands of years is irrelevant to the state. They have decided the new correct way to drink milk and you will follow the states orders advice.

So if you like raw milk and would like a little more information on it drop by there.

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