Wednesday, May 11, 2005

C&R license

Licensed Collectors need a license not to collect, but to purchase without jumping through the whole background check everytime they want to pick up an item. So tonight I moisturized my lips and kissed the ass of the government to get their permission to buy guns and have them sent directly to me.

Right now my wife has the application ready to be mailed off from her work. One copy to the ATFE, with check, and one copy to my local LEO. Which would be the Smyrna Police department.

Now instead of looking at Aim Surplus and screaming when I see a good deal I can jump on it. I was going to purchase a couple of rifles about a month ago and the local gun store, or I should say den of thieves, wanted 60 dollars to transfer and run the background check. I can see a desire to make money, but did I have to grab my ankles for them? So those rifles are still sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

So now I sit back and wait. I just hope my wife understands the costly addiction I am about to freely become part of.

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