Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cop mouthpieces and the lies they tell

Now how he can say lies like this and keep a straight face is beyond me. A cop is telling how a new program they have will solve all of their problems. Only problems is that logic shows he is a lying politic tool.
The police chief wants to license panhandlers, saying it would make it easier for officers to manage aggressive begging in Minnesota's largest city.

Under the plan, panhandlers would have to register each year at a government center and have their picture taken. Anyone failing to wear an ID badge would be jailed for 30 days, and possibly fined.
Now this may be semi-true. People can look at the tags and say "panhandler X" was a hassle. So he starts with a partial truth, but like all politic tools he then keeps talking. But then why does he automatically go right into the punishment and fine comment. Because deep down he want to run them off by taking their money and reason fro being there. How many will break the law just to go to jail for 30 days to get some free medical treatment, and food during the winter months? But hey! It's just our tax money, nothing for him to worry about.
"The idea is not to penalize people or make them go away," Chief William McManus said Wednesday. "It's just a way to govern how they conduct their business."
"Not to penalize" is ambiguous. I know deep down they will not just give away these ID's so already they are being charged a fine fee. Has the government ever started a program and did it free. Even if free we end up paying for it in taxes, so someone will pay.

"It's just a way to govern how they conduct their business." Now the reality of life is that most people who panhandle are homeless due to mental issues or drug/alcohol abuse troubles. So is he saying that a mental person would say this "Why the voices in my head says you should give me all your money, but because of this ID I will simply walk away". Or is he saying that the druggy or alcoholic that is in the beginning of the cravings will say "I'm sorry you do not wish to give me any money so I will just walk away because of this laminated card of respect I now have. It is a lot better then a bottle of mad-dog or a fix.".

So this card will have little effect on how they conduct business. This is just another political person who feels that regulating and tagging is the solution to all the worlds troubles.

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