Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Clean Sports Act of 2005

The politicians in Washington keep passing laws for us and the latest feel good act is the Clean Sports Act of 2005.

It is just full of the heavy penalties that Washington loves to put into its failed war on drugs.

First violation is two-year suspension without pay, and a second violation is lifetime ban in all professional sports

Leagues can lessen penalties if the athlete can prove that he did not know or suspect that he used the substance, or if he is a whistleblower for abuses by other people (including coaches, agents, managers, trainers, etc.)

The identities of positive players will be publicly disclosed within 30 days of the positive test
So my basic question is this. If they are doing this to keep the sports clean why are they not passing a law to randomly drug test themselves? I would love to see them get pulled aside for a good broad based test for drugs. Lets just say that the Betty Ford center would have a lot more guests then they normally would have when congress is out.

Lets push for a "Clean politicians act of 2005".

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