Saturday, May 21, 2005

Blog Roll additions.

I just noticed that I was so far behind in updating my blogroll that I was embarrassed of myself. So I set down with template and got to work. I added several good blogs and dropped a few that have stopped posting for a bit.

Here are a few if you want to drop by and say hello

Boing Boing
By Common Consent
David and Cherie's New Freedom Blog
Freedom Sight
Fish or Man
From the Heartland
Justin Buist's Log
The Millenial Star
Pervasive Light
Resistance is futile!
The AnarchAngel
Times and Seasons
Combs spouts off
Backroad Blog
The Blogonomicon
The Countertop Chronicles
The Freeholder
Cowboy Blob

Now I know there are some other good blogs out there that I should link to, but I simply cannot remember them today. I will update more in the future.

I have the blogs I go to in a favorites folder and I noticed due to a comment from him that I forgot to list one.

I did say I would be updating in the future.

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